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The Hann​-​Byrd EP

by Oxford Collapse

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Over the second half of 2007, the members of Oxford Collapse devoted themselves to capturing as many moments of musical inspiration as possible, be it in the studio or with their own crude makeshift recording devices. Originally, the fruits of their labor were to be culled into one all-encompassing double album – a Tusk for Generations X,Y, and Z; a Double Nickels for children born with ATM cards in hand – however, cooler, more modest heads prevailed. The band decided that certain songs worked better paired with others, and that these should be peppered to the public in smaller, easier-to-digest quantities, all the while orbiting around the release of their next full-length, BITS (Sup Pop).

Christened The Hann-Byrd EP in honor of actor/statesman Adam Hann-Byrd, this extended-player (limited to 500 vinyl copies and unlimited digital downloads) sinks its hooks in early and never lets go, classic Collapse style. However, it makes periodic stops for campfire sing-a-longs (“Genetic Engineering”), teary-eyed ruminations on loves lost and gained (“Amongst Friends”), authentic grandstanding (“Bikini As Hole”), and salty-aired tomfoolery over the course of its 20 minute running time.

A unique batch of songs in the volume that make up the BITS story, The Hann-Byrd EP continues Oxford Collapse’s dedication to providing the consistently creative and interesting quality pop music at slightly better-than-average prices.

-Angus Scrimm


released June 1, 2008



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Oxford Collapse New York, New York

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